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Our baking soda free deodorant formulation - overview

Underarm deodorants are meant for odor prevention, masking of the odor,  preventing the microbes that degrades the sweat into odorous compounds.  The odorous compounds produces the malodor typically associated with the sweat in the underarms.  Deodorants are applied topically on the underarms to minimize the odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration. Our deodorant is formulated to fight and kill the bacteria that grow in the apocrine region so they don't make the body odor by decomposing the sweat.   Deodorants and antiperspirants are not the same in that the antiperspirant function is to inhibit perspiration or prevent sweat formation. Antiperspirant blocks the apocrine sweat glands so that there is nothing for the bacteria to feed on to make the...

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Skincare Exfoliants - AHAs and BHAs

Skincare Acronyms - Why Should we Care?  Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) AHAs are chemicals that reduce signs of photo-aging such as rough skin, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation. AHAs are useful because they stimulate cellular turnover which actually naturally slows down as we age.  This happens because AHAs exfoliate the top layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells that can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. These acids are often naturally occurring and are most commonly derived from the sugars of plants. Some common examples are:  - Glycolic Acid which comes from Sugar Cane  - Lactic Acid which comes from Milk  - Tartaric Acid which comes from Grapes  - Citric Acid which comes from - you guessed it - citrus fruits ...

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Meet our Ingredients: Prickly Pear, Papyrus, Tuberose, Japanese Cucumber

We got our hands on several exotic ingredients that are great for the skin on your face and eyes. 1. Prickly Pear Leaf Extract - otherwise known as 'Nopal' from Mexico where the plant is featured on their flag. Traditionally used in food and medicine since the 16th century,  it is incorporated in our creams for a variety of reasons. Prickly pear benefits include antioxidant properties which are beneficial in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helpful in increasing the skin defense system.  2. Papyrus Leaf - often used in ancient Egypt to make paper as a writing medium. The leaf extract of Papyrus is helpful in rebuilding the moisturizing film on the skin, maintaining the elasticity of the skin, limiting...

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Who We Are

At Gaia's Lab, we formulate skincare products using high-quality ingredients. We look for ingredients that are sustainably sourced, fair-trade certified, and organic wherever practicable.  Our products are comprised of ingredients that we have researched, focusing on ingredients to prevent aging, wrinkling, and sun damage. We work with vendors who are experts in plant technologies to ensure our products are of the best quality.  Through careful ingredient selection and research, Gaia's Lab has an extensive range of cosmeceuticals and skincare products that are safe, effective, and non-toxic. Key ingredients are identified and listed in NCI nomenclature. We hope you love Gaia's Lab's line of products as much as we do. Welcome! 

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