Meet our Ingredients: Clay

Clay Aiken?

No, not Clay Aiken. Clay - the material - is a natural substance originating from minerals. 

While history has found uses for clay from roof tiles, bricks, to pottery and artwork, we use cosmetic clay to capitalize on its therapeutic benefits. The absorbent nature of clay is helpful in removing blackheads and impurities from skin, thanks to copious amounts of silicon, aluminum, potassium, and iron in clay. 

We've talked about pH before on this website. In this case, clays are high in pH by default and typically can make your skin red after use. The redness disperses within fifteen minutes, but this raises a good point to note. Clay types with lower pH levels cause less irritation and redness, see our helpful guide below: 

Clay Type  pH value
Bentonite  8 - 9.5
French Green 7.5
Fuller's Earth 7.5
Rhassoul 7.5
Dead Sea Mud 7.0
Kaolin 6.0
Moor Mud 4.5 - 5.5


 For our products, we opted for the clay type that has a pH level closest to that of skin, Kaolin clay! Check out our clay mask here.


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